What does the number 740 mean to you? For us, it represents one's life pursuit for "SUPREME EXCELLENCE". 740 Project is a marketing company founded by 2 individuals inspired by the ambiance of the billionaire residency 740 Park Avenue, along with The Nation's Supreme Mathematics. Together they assist us in defining our vision for the company and its clients. 


Using our profound knowledge of marketing and strategy coupled with our resources throughout the music and entertainment industry we will collectively build/strengthen careers, individuals and families (7). 


Success can make or break a man, through our method we seek to not only prosper financially but spiritually and mentally thus achieving balance in one's life (4).


The world exists as it is, that what you cannot control. What we can control is how we react/deal with that fact. Once we arrive to this understanding we can then focus on that we can control embarking on a journey toward our own personal "SUPREME EXCELLENCE" while encouraging others to do the same (0). 


- The 740 Project -